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The subtle art if trading

Do you know how to trade properly? Do you know how to get a good discount deal if you are on the flea market? What about an online business retailer that doesn't have a fixed price for everything? Trading comes with a lot of psychology and knowing what you are doing. As they say, the set price is not the final price. We will teach you how to lead a dialogue about money and cheating in a relationship .

Essential tips and tricks on trading:

  • If you have an opportunity, aim as high as you can. Be very straightforward and a little over the top, but never too annoying. You're starting price will serve as an anchor, which will throw the retailer off and they will certainly try to lower the price, but that is why you need to start higher then you need. You can always play your part and agree on something less, but your retailer will feel like a winner.
  • Estimate how much does a product cost for you personally. You need to do this before starting to trade. Understand that even if you pay have the price and realize that you're doing it just for the sake of the little sports event, it's not worth its money. It's not the point of saving. Saving is when you buy a very essential thing at a very good price. So you have to come from your personal perception of value, not the written price.
  • Ask a third party to join. For instance, you may invite your friend, your relatives, your business partner or your second half. They don't really have to participate in the process of trading but the whole point is to show off that the final decision depends not only on you but on your companion as well. Your companion is a catalyzer and the main manipulator in the process. For example, they can be that needy-greedy customer who thinks that the retailer over prices you or they can pretend to be very busy and nag you to leave. It will disorient your retailer and make them have the decision sorted out before they can realize they can do better in this round.
  • Be prepared for a long discussion. The traders will often wait for you to lose temper and forget that the deal is not very suitable for you, you just want to get away with it and go home. Basically, they want to bore you to death and took a lot of empty promises. Besides that, they can start fake arguing for you to try to escape from the rising conflict, agreeing on the terms. In order to make the most out of the deal, they can start being very emotional, angry, discontent, anxious, try to guilt trip you or deceive you in any other way. That is why you shouldn't pay too much attention while you're trying to have a deal with someone. Be a little cold-hearted. Maybe you will win this challenge.
  • Use silence as your weapon. When the retailer and makes the offer, try to save the pause. How to use your body language to tell that the terms are not the most suitable for you. It will make your interlocutor feel uncomfortable. This awkward pose will make him or her make it another offer just for the sake of it.
  • Try to act theatrically. For example, you can gasp, yawn, tremble and have your eyes on a wet spot. You may also ask rhetorical questions and questions that will make them uncomfortable, like repeating the price in the very unlikely manner that will make the retailer overthink their offer. What if I asked too much indeed?