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Shoppers Weekly Ad May 11 – May 17, 2017

Shoppers Weekly Ad May 11 – May 17, 2017. Shoppers weekly ad offer Fresh Strawberries 1 lb. ctn. Green Mountain K-Cup Coffee 3.4-4.87 oz. pkg. select varietes. Essential Everyday Cream Cheese 8 oz. pkg. select varietes. Florida's Natural Orange Juice 89 oz.

You must see new deals of Shoppers if you are into saving more this week. View one of the best deals from freash produce. Zucchini or yellow squash lb. Roma tomatoes lb. Bananas lb. Eggplant lb. Sweet Vidalia Onions lb. Fresh sliced watermelon lb. Whole Seedless watermelon ea. Honey or tropical mangoes, Russet potatoes lb. Sweet potatoes lb. Here are Shoppers Ad this week!

Shoppers Weekly Ad May 11 – May 17, 2017

Some good deals from Seafood including:
  • Wild Cod Loins lb.
  • 26-30 count extra large raw EZ peel shrimp
  • Artic shores tilapia fillets 32 oz. bag.
  • Pasteurized lump crab meat 16 oz.
  • Aqua star smart seafood sautes 16 oz.
  • Wild alaskan smoky peppercorn salmon
  • Crab & shrimp seeafood fast 24 oz. pkg
  • Jumbo shores jumbo butterfly or breaded coconut shrimp 9-12 oz.

Savings down every asile. You can get dairy products for less. Donald duck orange Juice 59 oz. ctn. Nestle coffee mate creamer 16 oz. Daisy sour crea, 24 oz. ctn. Essential Whiped topping 6.5 oz. essential everyday jumbo biscuits 16 oz. Nestle coffee mate natural Biss creamer 16 oz.